Your specialist for holistic success in health, fitness, balance and well-being.

With only one device, the coordination is improved, endurance and strength are trained and the musculoskeletal system is enhanced. The Total Coordination System is suitable for physiotherapy, rehabilitation programs, fitness, top athletes and the regular dose sport for everyone.

Medical Product

With medical approval, developed by specialists.

Patent Pending

The system is so new and individual that we have patented it.

Flexible Upgradeable

With Upgrades you can expand the functional scope.

Made in Germany

Designed, produced and assembled in Germany!

Total Coordination System. The new, modern and most innovative Kind of Exercise and Health!

There are countless training possibilities
Positive Feedback

The TCS Core-Features

Elegant Design

Almost as beautiful as a piece of furniture, it fits into any environment.

High Quality

Quality is important to us, that’s why we have chosen the perfect supplier for every part.


Do the correct exercises, even without instructions – the interactive screen makes it possible.

Healthy Performance

Through the holistic training, even top athletes increase the performance, sustainable and healthy.

Durch das umfassende Training steigern auch Spitzensportler die Performance, nachhaltig und gesund.

For every Age

Due to the individual settings, the device can be adjusted to any need.

With Training Videos

A proper guidance is important for a sustainable training, so we provide various exercises as a video.

Usable in the smallest space

3 x 2 meters, that’s all you need to get started with TCS Training.

Individually Upgradeable

Attachments allow the device to be customized according to individual needs.

Maintenance & Support

Should it come to a defect or a bearing must be oiled, then we are on the spot!


With stabilizing exercises, TCS is ideal for therapeutic applications.


Focussed strengthening of muscles and joints through balance and resistance.


Only a short time in combination with challenging exercises, create qualitative fitness.

Coordination Training

All muscles work and act, thereby the body gets its performance increase.

Top Athletes

Sports-specific training brings the boost for fine motor skills.


Through training instructions, the device is suitable for everyone and for every fitness level.

Safe your TCS Device and generate a startup bonus

TCS Training is the innovation in the sports and physiotherapy market! Exercise balance, endurance, strength, sensorimotor regulation and body control with just one device. Even with medical approval!

Our Partners

TCS pursues maximum quality. Accordingly, responsibly and professionally, all suppliers and partners were selected 100% from Germany.

What is the effect of TCS Training?

Facts, on the point!

Coordination training is responsible for learning, controlling, tuning and adjusting motion sequences. The greater and more precise the skill, the easier it is to fulfill everyday and naturally sporting requirements.

Coordination training is the first and best way to bring the body into perfect muscular interplay while improving strength, endurance and speed.

Only through good coordination training, we can reach the so-called autochtone (autonomic) spinal musculature.

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