30.08.2019 was a very special day for me – I presented my concept and the Total Coordination System of my family, my friends and partners.

For the presentation we have without further ado equipped the hall, which we use for the production, with tables, benches and buffet and decorated of course. Anyone who knows us and knows how hard our heart beats for TCS, is not surprised that we have decorated the hall with parts of the device. Instead of tinsel, the elastic, colorful ribbons had to serve and instead of pictures, construction parts of the TCS hang on the wall.

The effort has definitely paid off. Some 60 guests have honored us and many have not shied away from testing the device as well. Of course, I took the opportunity and told about the emergence of TCS. How did I get the idea, what moved me to put everything on a map, and where do we stand today with TCS?

Basically, the development was a logical consequence, because with its own health and training center, I’m right on the pulse of the time and get unfiltered with how people train, and what are the challenges. As a physiotherapist, I master the most important techniques for a sustainable and healthy training, only a suitable device I have missed so far. So why not lump all the knowledge and my manual skills and invent something really unique? It started small at first, but quickly it has taken on enormous proportions.

Now, after a long development period, many highlights, but at least as many lows, I am in front of many enthusiastic people. That’s an incredible feeling!

To all who have supported me in this time, be it through encouragement, motivation or active tackling: THANK YOU!

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