What is exactly the Total Coordination System?

Think like a Physiotherapist

I already had the idea to construct something in 2012, when I experienced great success in my patients and athletes with so-called shaky boards in connection with Tube training. In 2015, the first drawings were created, many research followed. Today’s, now marketable, device got its final look in 2017 and was of course applied for a patent. It took another 2 years to test all the components and secure the optimum components.

Positive Feedback
Hours of Development

The Idea

In my meanwhile 36 years of practical experience,I have never found the right training devices to holistically train a human body.

So I started planning to do something of my own.

I did not think that it would take on such proportions, today I’m proud of it.


Three Years Later

The basic idea was born, at least as a sketch on the paper (which no one would understand) and in my head.

It took ages to find the right suppliers of the needed equipment, who also produces according to the guidelines to get the medical approval.


It’s Time …

In 2017, the first prototype was in front of me. So novel a device that I spoke directly to a patent attorney about filing a patent. Today, in September 2019, I wait for the final release.

What’s the difference to other suppliers?

Absolutely high-quality workmanship and 100% made in Germany characterize the processing. An aspired patent and medical approval make the device unique.

By easily removing the handrails and the adjustable tubes (270 degrees accessibility) TCS gets even more its uniqueness. Now sports specific training for almost all sports is possible. New standards are set with TCS Training, because even the monitor trolley is moveable.

You see, it’s not possible to just compare! You have to experience it yourself!

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